Judith Opoku-Boateng Community-Driven Archiving

Reckonings welcomed guest speaker Judith Opoku-Boateng, Senior Archivist at the J. H. Kwabena Nketia Archives of the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, as she explored why and how the preservation of institutional and community heritage as well as collective memory is paramount. Opoku-Boateng spoke about the intersection of archiving practices and community engagement, emphasizing the vital role of inclusive approaches in sustaining cultural legacy. Drawing from personal experience and best practices, she delved into strategies for collaboratively archiving cultural materials while fostering meaningful community involvement. From grassroots initiatives to institutional partnerships, Opoku-Boateng highlighted the power of participatory archiving in safeguarding diverse narratives and fostering a sense of belonging. Furthermore, navigating complexities of representation, and ensuring inclusivity in archival processes, she spoke about her goal of advancing the discourse on community-driven archiving as a transformative force in cultural preservation efforts.